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Transfolmer - Transfolmer [63LP005]

Published December 19, 2005
Topics indipop, songs, lyrics

Well, this is the first time we have real songs on 2063music! Tjeerd Folmer plays guitar, sings and also use his computer to edit this music. His setup is quite minimal and you will mostly hear just echoing guitars, some spare beats and his deep velvet voice. I can't tell exactly, but this is just so perfect wintermusic! Somewhere between bright wintermornings of beauty and melancholic states of darkness. I think this line of Tjeerds lyrics does it descibes very well: "I know that I can change, It only takes some time to make things new."

The paintings of Liesbeth Kok fit just perfect to the music of Transfolmer. Her paintings are just as Transfolmers music strong, colorful, warm and melancholic. I like them a lot. It was impossible to have this release without thouse beautiful paintings. If someone is interested in making an exhibition, please feel free to write Lisbeth a mail. They are both from the Netherlands. And they would be happy.

Get the complete lyrics of this album on Transfolmers Website.

Run time 50.22 min


Reviewer: Eyka love - - December 28, 2005
Subject: Sweet dreams
Voix chaude, belles chansons et guitare acoustique avec des paysages abstraits électroniques. Un grand dégagement pour des rêves doux.